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Free Webinar: Emotional Regulation: 5 strategies NOT to use in therapy children and adolescents

'Learning to manage emotions is one of the most important tasks of childhood' Glasser & Nadeau, 2014. 

 Research is increasingly showing that poor emotional regulation and emotional literacy are linked to ongoing mental health problems in adolescence and adulthood.  But how do you teach this important skill, help parents implement strategies at home and treat adolescents who missed learning emotional regulation in childhood?

Why sign up for this free webinar?

  • One hour webinar for continuing professional development points
  • High quality, evidence based content from two clinical psychologists with decades of experience working with children and adolescents

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What will be covered?

  • ‚ÄčWhat is emotional regulation
  • Why is emotional regulation important
  • Essential rapport building strategies
  • How do you teach emotional regulation to a child with ADHD, Autism/Aspergers
  • plus more!

Who is presenting?

Dr Donna Kite is a rurally based Clinical, Counselling and Educational Psychologist in private practice.  Specialising in child and adolescent mental health, with particular interest in anxiety and autism spectrum disorder, particularly emotional regulation and social skills development.

Angelique Foran is a Clinical Psychologist with over 17 years experience, who works in her own independent private practice work in Adelaide Her special interest is in helping anxious children and teens.  As a clinical psychologist she assists children, adolescents and their families with a wide range of issues including sleep, depression, personal problems, grief and loss, behavioural challenges, coping with a parent with a mental illness and divorce and separation.


You can listen to this recorded webinar whenever it suits you.  The recording from Monday 7th April 2014 is available here.  


How do you sign up?

Just click this link and tell us your name and email address here

I've never been on a  webinar how does it work?

For our webinar all you will need is a computer with an internet connection.

We will send you a link to click on when it is time for the webinar.

You don't need to download anything and there will be a free helpline if you get stuck!

Still not sure then email or call us and we can answer any questions

Emotional Regulation Free Webinar Sign Up