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Thought Changing Card Kit for People who Self-Injure

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Quick Overview

If you work with adolescents then you will want these cards and worksheets to help you when a young person reports self harm.

The 52 thought changing cards cover common automatic thoughts that trigger the desire to self harm.

The very useful rational response and printable worksheets and a copy of all the cards included on the CD will be invaluable each time you work with a young person reporting self harm.


Discuss the common emotional problems that lead to and accompany self-injury Includes 50 cards, CD, Thought Changing silicone bracelet, and instructions Ages: 12 and up Written by Lawrence E. Shapiro, Ph.D. This kit is intended to help clients control their self-injury, and address the common emotional problems that accompany this behavior. The kit contains 50 cards that show cognitive distortions on one side, and rational responses and positive behavioral activities on the other. The kit also features a CD with dozens of printable forms to help keep track of change.

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