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The Talking, Feeling and Doing Game

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Quick Overview

Great game to discuss difficult issues.

Often elicits unhelpful thoughts young people are experiencing.

Highly recommend if you often see children and young people who find it difficult to express their fears and issues.

Sample questions " What things come into your mind when you can't fall asleep?"

"A child passes a note to another child. The note says something about you. What does the note say?"


The first published therapeutic game by Richard A. Gardener, M.D., is still one of the most popular counseling tools used with children in therapeutic settings. A child's responses while playing the game will reveal the psychological issues that are most important to him or her. Three types of cards offer prompts that will engage the child and, through their responses, reveal directions for therapeutic intervention. This therapy game is played like a standard board game. The child and therapist place their playing pieces on Start, then take turns throwing the dice, and moving their pawn along a path of squares. Depending upon the color of the square on which the piece lands, the player selects a talking card, feeling card, or doing card. The questions and directions in each set of cards include items that are not anxiety provoking - How old are you? - to items that are moderately anxiety provoking - Everyone in the class was laughing at a boy. What had happened? If the child responds they receive a token reward chip. The winner is the player who has accumulated the most chips after the players have reached Finish. The child's responses are generally revealing of those psychological issues that are most important at that time. The engaging game format utilizing token reinforcement enhances the child's interest and elicits spontaneous revelations. Contents: Game Board 108 Talking Cards 108 Feeling Cards 108 Doing Cards Spinner 6 Pawns Chips 2 Dice Instructions

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