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Therapy Tools Customer Feedback

What Our Customers Say



Hello Angelique 

Angry Animals has been a hit with the children I’ve played it with so far, including my own two children (8 and 12) who “test drove” it with me before I took it to work.

The game seems to normalise for children the fact that other children have trouble with their big feelings too, so much so, that there is a game to help! This seems to take away the shame/blame factor and enable them to engage in talking about feelings and problems more readily. I love it. More to the point, the children do too.

Thanks again, kind regards


Trish Mahoney
In-School Psychology


Hi Angelique,

I thought I would let you know that I used my 'Bright Spots' cards today for the first time with an 11 year old boy who is normally very quiet and hard to draw into conversation.  He really enjoyed them and talked much more than usual, giving me a chance to expand and offer ways for him to reframe things and cope in difficult situations. Thank you for the balloons :  )

Christine Carter
Psychologist, Melbourne


Hi Angelique,

 Thanks for getting in touch.  Every day I get home and think “oh, I didn’t contact Angelique”  I really liked the Clue Cards and the boys really liked them.  I’ve had one go with them and they were interacting quite well.  I’m going to use them again this week.  I use angry animals and emotional bingo quite often with the younger kids and have found them very successful.  I think once my two boys get used to talking to each other I’m going to have a crack at emotional bingo with them as well! 

I am a huge fan of your service and have been from the moment I met you at the Cheri conference!  I really like the fact that I can pose a problem, issue or group of kids with quirks and you come back with possible solutions and tools.  That is so helpful.  I love the resources as I can use them in different ways with different groups and therefore get good value from them. 

 I like the fact too that I can actually phone and ask what you would suggest and know that I am speaking to someone who knows – not someone who just wants to sell me something!!!  Thanks again.  I really have found them helpful.

Jenny Ward
Psychologist, ACT


Hi Angelique, 

The Let’s talk cards have been fantastic and i have used them in many of my sessions. They have been very useful for both group and individual sessions, and as there are 5 different card types in each pack I have been able to use one card colour/type as a short activity in ongoing sessions, which I have found very useful. Many other cards I have used often seem to have a one-session applicability. 
Thank you,
Caroline De Fina
Psychologist, Melbourne


Just some feedback on the games I have already purchased and also some of the suggestions from the webinar – I love them (and so do the kids!). The puzzled game in particular has been a huge success and I often take it along so that I can use the spinner as students are describing incidents which have occurred at school.

Nicki Constantinou
Psychologist, Dept of Education, Victoria

I really like the games and they provide a great opportunity to reinforce other activities I use around self esteem, bullying, anxiety or grief/loss. I talk to the kids about having more tools in their toolkit and for me having access to a range of therapeutic tools is vital to my practice toolkit!

Kind regards, Tracy


Tracy Small
Queen of Apostles School, Western Australia


Hi Angelique,


I thought you might like to know how I got on with the Fired Up or Calming Down game with my adult client (she’s 22 years) :-


It was a fabulous session and others in the building commented on the amount of laughter coming from our room – this enabled us to have some pretty serious discussions around anger without ‘pushing any buttons’. My client is very delayed in her social skills and development due to a complex trauma background and this session enabled her mother to comment on her behaviour in a very non-judgemental way but to talk about the serious implications of my client’s ongoing poor choices with regards to her expression of her anger. It also enabled her mother to see that anger is ‘normal’ which is something that we have also been working on for a long time. I feel that the session really consolidated a lot of the work I have been doing with them both, and as a beautiful bonus it allowed me to disengage with this client and have a smooth handover to the new worker – it was such a wonderful moment for me when they both looked to the new worker for the next appointment time and I do think that the game assisted us in achieving this.

 As always, it’s certainly necessary to do the ‘hard yards’ before a session like this, but it was an amazing way to consolidate old information and look at things in a new way. It’s also certainly not for all adult clients, but has great potential with the right client.




Wendy Lawrence
Mental Health Clinician
Port Augusta, South Australia


Hi There,


Just a quick message to let you know we received the games and we're having great fun.  I took over "Angry Animals" to a group program for students who are refugees, and we incorporated it into a program when we were talking about feelings and problem solving. They loved it and were shrieking with laughter.


Thanks again,


District Guidance Officer
New South Wales



Love the game. The kids really get in to Fired Up or Calming Down because it is like "snakes and ladders" and they really open up about feeling angry and it opens up a lot of discussions about feelings in general but specifically how anger can be experienced and managed. Couldn't suggest any changes - well worth it.

Dr Madeleine Robertson
Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychologist
Melbourne, VIC

Hi Angelique,

Thank-you for your message and follow up.  I feel your ordering process is spot on, it is an easy pain free process.  I like the "what are they thinking" cards a lot because they can be used in so many different ways, from CBT through to just breaking the ice. The thing I like least is the wait from ordering until getting the resource (would be good to have it instantly), this however is out of your control.  There is no need to change anything I am already a fan of yours, I look forward to and enjoy the enews that is sent out and the personalized service I receive (Love the hand written note in the package)

Will Boyd, Victoria

Fiona spoke with me on the telephone last week (23.8.2012) and let me know that she has been enjoying playing Feelings in the Wild Bingo with her son who is 6 years old.  She said that the game was being played regularly by the family and opening up lots of new conversations.  Her son had even asked a friend who came over to play the game with him.

Fiona, mother of a child with an autistic spectrum disorder



Dear Therapy Tools,

I just wanted to thank you for the two books I recently purchased. They are absolutely perfect and exactly what I needed for my son and daughter, aged 8 and 6, who are currently faced with trying to understand why their father is in hospital being treated for depression and PTSD. Their father is ex-Army and was diagnosed with PTSD and depression when he returned from Iraq. The Department of Defence have some good support programs but there are still many, many gaps for families in crisis. I recently rang two of their hotlines seeking resources for my children to no avail. It was only by chance I found your website, and found the exact books I needed. So thank you for having these books available, they are having a very positive impact on our lives. And thanks for the great customer service, we loved the balloons!!

Kind regards,

Kerry, mother of two children


“I love the games, kids don’t get bored, what do therapists do without games?”


Donna Kite, Port Augusta, SA,  
Psychologist in private practice 


Hi Angelique

Thanks for the follow up. The materials have been great. More specifically, the Box Full of Feelings is perfect for a group I run from time to time (Fun Friends) but also for individual work to explore and develop emotional literacy with junior primary age kids. 

Things I liked most? The personal touch ie being able to call someone up and talk about timings; being able to pay on invoice (to save me claiming it back from my credit card); also the fast turnaround ie next day delivery for a book I really wanted quickly. Plus also you queried the delivery address to make sure it was right. See? Personal touch!  When you came to Hindmarsh that time to show some products that was helpful and it was on the strength of that that I bought the Box Full of Feelings. 

Hope that helps,


Jamie Lee
Psychologist, Adelaide



Hi Angelique

 I have enquired with the counsellors – feedback below


“These games are good and provide an easy way to lead into topics.   I am not sure what else to say except that games like this on a whole range of topics would be good – such as living in step families, grief and loss, peer group stuff, social skills etc.”

 Warm regards

Nikkilyn Craig

Program Manager
Remote and Child and Families Services
Centacare Family Services



Hi Angelique,

The game that has been the most valuable for me has been Land of Psymon and while I have played it "properly" with some children, I have also been able to use the cards in a different way to focus on an individual child's way of thinking and then use the positive cards to help them explore alternatives. I have also used this process successfully with a few adults. At this stage everything I have done has been intuitive and I certainly wouldn't use it with everyone. However, in all the cases where I have tried this approach it has been effective in getting them to understand the way their thoughts impact on feelings and behaviours, when other strategies had failed.



Christina Brown
Psychologist in Private Practice, Tasmania


Hi Angelique,

Thank you for the follow up. I have enjoyed my purchases and used all. A strong favourite in the primary schools and private practice has been the Emotional Bingo and the Bright spots cards. The one of a kind game is a little complicated initially or though it follows many of the UNO principles but it seems to take a while for kids to enjoy. I would like to see more board games as these tend to be a strong favourite and very flexible. I am a keen fan of therapy tools and the balloons are a strong favourite with my clients.

Thank you. Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

Natalie Fraser
 Private Psychologist and School Counsellor,



Hi Angelique,
Thanks for the chance for us to give feedback on the resources we recently purchased.
In a nutshell, WE LOVE THEM!   Particularly the board games have been great, and we will certainly look at ordering some more products in the future when our budget allows. I have had particular success with using the One of a Kind Self-Esteem game with young clients, and one of my colleagues has reported that the Angry Animals game worked really well with some children she has been working with. We can’t really think of anything we “like least” about therapy tools, and we are certainly already a keen fan 
Jenny Cockerill”
Family Counsellor
Family Counselling Service (Gladstone)
Lifeline Community Care Queensland


"Hi Angelique

I am happy to provide some feedback on the One of a Kind Self Esteem card game.  I like that the resource game me an indirect and fun way to communicate with young or lower functioning children about their feelings about themselves, their lives, their friends, etc. So far, I have found my clients engage well with this activity. I found your service to be easy to use & efficient.The only drawback to the resource I purchased would be one or two cards that make reference to things more applicable to American culture (e.g., baseball).  However, it is easy to utilise the game by omitting these cards.

Thank you for your excellent service.


Warm regards,

Kate Manning
Novita Children's Services

Hi Angelique
I have been using the Exploring my Self-Esteem game and Being Me book with some primary school students. I have found that they have been very useful to assist students who are struggling with self-esteem and confidence issues.  The game is very simple to use and great for kids who are difficult to get talking.  Similarly the being me book is written very well for a young audience and kids seem to relate well to the information contained within. I don’t have any other specific information for you except that all of your products look great.
Thank you,

Primary Guidance Counsellor

Hi Angelique, 

A bit of feedback for you....
* I found purchasing the products a good process with no difficulties. The only thing (which is for any online product) for me is wishing that I could see the products before purchasing). 
* I have used most of my resources and they have been very helpful. I have got a lot of use out of 'Angry Animals' and 'I messages'. I have been keeping my eye out for a good anxiety game as I find this one of the most common problems. 
* I have purchased a fair few products for use so I think' I’m already a fan!  
I have found my products very helpful, thank you!

Stacey Hosking,

Hi Angelique,
I have just purchased the CBT starter kit, so I will have more to say after I use those resources!  The resources are fantastic, I have found the Thoughts and Feelings cards great for exploring different areas that may be causing anxiety. They are also great for building rapport as I turn all the cards face down and we take turns turning a card over and discussing the card, hence self-disclosure helps to make the child feel comfortable in discussing what they may be feeling. It is also a great way to model ie by providing examples of how I may have dealt with a particular situation. I have also found a by-product outcome of the children being more open. Feedback from parents includes children increasing their social skills (e.g. by talking to people with more confidence) after therapy using these cards. Again, modelling and exposure at play!
Dr Danielle Anthony MAPS
Clinical and Health Psychologist
BSocSc BA Hons (Psych)
Psychology One
Warners Bay NSW 2282
Web: www.psychologyone.com.au

Hi Angelique,
Re resources – love the bright spot thoughts and feelings cards – really useful in opening up conversations, reviewing concerns, identifying concerns. Found they are enjoyed by boys and girls from varying ages.  Also finding the “stop that angry thought” cards good in practicing strategies around anger and opening up discussion around problem solving skills.

Donna Kite
Port Augusta

Hi Angelique,

The games have been fantastic! I have been using them with adolescents and some children, either playing the whole game or just picking out questions to ask. I am really happy with them, and have nothing bad to say!
Thanks again, 

Alison Mynard
Clinical Psychologist MAPS
Consulting Rooms
Suite 12, 7 Bridge Street,
Werribee, VIC  3030

Dear Angelique,

Thank you for your email. 

1- The website and subsequent ordering process was straightforward, quick and overall a very seamless process. Very happy with this.

2-  I have really enjoyed the resources and was happy with the service that i received. I was very appreciative of the balloons and wristbands that accompanied the order and found this to be a very appropriate and a nice touch. The kids have of course loved these as well. The board games are very good and i use them throughout my service delivery. 

3- This is no reflection on the service, but being that my job involves alot of moving from school to school, my resources need to be quite portable and i have found the board games to be quite big and take up a lot of space.  

4- I think the tools are perhaps too orientated to the board games and like i said previously, the size of them makes them difficult to transport. I think that perhaps some user-friendly card games and books with worksheets/activities would be an answer to this. It is hard to find portable resources that are fun and can be worked into play based therapy, i have found. With this said, it is because i have to go around to schools that makes this problem apparent. In an ideal world, with a single play therapy room set up, I think i would be an avid fan of Therapy Tools. So I am basically contained by my role.  

All in all the service i received was wonderful and personal. I have recommended the website to other professionals in high regard and wouldn't hesitate to do so in the future.

Thank you for your email, I hope this information is helpful and appropriate. Do not hesitate to contact me for further clarification.

Kind regards,

Kate Mulloy
BSW (hons)
School Social Worker

Tasmanian Catholic Education Office

North West Region

Hi Angelique,
My experience to date has been positive, I have found the website easy to navigate and find resources that will be of assistance.  The payment process is simple and I like that I can have the resources within a few days.  I have also appreciated the fab balloons as a gift and my child clients and some adults! have enjoyed me passing them on to them.
I no doubt will be purchasing in the near future!
Kind Regards,
Belinda Pike, Psychologist, Queensland

Hi Angelique,

Both my clients and I are having a lot of fun whilst playing the games, opening up doors for conversations that were hard to start prior. Thank you for your help and interest in my use of these games, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the games and your website to all my colleagues.  


Sandra Portela

Hi Angelique
I have been using the feelings game with 10 year old boys and have found it an engaging way to teach cognitive skills. The stop that angry thought needs to be carefully incorporated into the process of cognitive restructuring as a reinforcer but only after the technique has been taught.  I agree that they are making therapy fun and that is important for boys that age who generally come to therapy after school when they are already tired of being engaged in the classroom and can be a little unwilling.
Helen Duff
Probationary Psychologist

Hi Angelique,
The games are going well thanks and have added another fun dimension into the work I am doing with young people.  I am finding that the ‘one of a kind’ game is particularly popular with my clients many of whom ask to play it on multiple occasions.
Tracey Jane
Connected Self

Hi Angelique
Myself and my colleague have been using Solution City fairly regularly with the kids that we see and so far it has been a great success. We have been blown away by the ability of the kids to come up with some amazing solutions that we would never ever think of, the power of a child’s imagination! I would highly recommend it as a tool to allow kids to engage in thinking around problem solving in a way that is not confronting and also a lot of fun.
Luke Roberts
KidsAreFirst - Family Intake Worker / Children's Worker

Hello Angelique,

Thank you for your email. The Angry Animals game has been a huge success with the kids I work with! Some of the kids have even asked to play it twice or three times! Thank you for referring the game. It is a nice change to therapy. 

Peita Andoniou
Psychologist, Melbourne