There are a variety of approaches and treatments for enuresis.  Such interventions include moisture sensitive alarms, fluid restriction, pharmacologic management, and various rewards systems.  It is not surprising that relapse rates are high for these techniques because they externalise the locus of control.  The reason for success is attributed to the pill or the buzzer.  Hypnotherapy, however, empowers the child with an internal locus of control, has no medication or equipment cost and no negative side effects.

By the time parents bring their children to see me, they have often exhausted every other avenue and come, as they say, in a ‘last ditch' attempt to solve the problem. What a pity that hypnotherapy couldn't have been the first avenue; in fact, after having checked out that there is nothing medically wrong, it could easily be both the first and the last solution. 

9 year old Steven was referred to my practice by a paediatrician.  My first session with both parents (and without Steven), allowed me to get a comprehensive overview and assessment of the problem.  Steven had primary enuresis, meaning he has never had continuous periods of time where his bed was dry.  There were the odd few days here and there, and the parents could not find a pattern to explain why Steven was dry when he was dry.  Interestingly, Steven’s father was sceptical of hypnosis and felt it was a waste of time and money, but was desperate so willing to give it a chance.  Steven had a school camp coming up and did not want to wear his pull-ups at night, nor suffer the shame of waking up in a wet sleeping bag.  By my third session with Steven, he had 5 consecutive nights out of 7 where his bed remained dry until the morning.  I had explained to him how his body works and through visualisation, we had found out where the source of the problem lay, and what was needed to fix this problem.  I had also taught Steven self hypnosis and provided him with a personalised CD to listen to each night, in which suggestions of a dry bed, waking to go to the toilet and imagery of success were included.  I saw Steven three months later, and he was successfully dry.

Hypnotherapy is gentle, natural and safe and involves teaching a child how to self-hypnotise in order to exercise control over their body and bodily functions.   With hypnotherapy children are empowered – there is no dependence on pull-ups, alarms or medication. I have worked for years helping children overcome this enuresis problem using hypnosis and at the same time supporting my clinical work with tailor made CD’s for them to listen to at home.  These CD’s not only solve the enuresis problem, they also boost confidence, self – esteem and relieve stress and anxiety.


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