Engaging Therapy:  The Use of Games, Apps and Resources in Evidence Based Therapy with Children and Young People 

Following the Engaging Therapy Workshop in South Australia in June 2013 we asked participants what they learnt and how they rated us.  Here are the answers

What are your thoughts on today's workshop?

Interesting, Great, Excellent, Fantastic, Terrific


What are the things you learnt today?

"Need to review practice to be more engaging"

"Great practical suggestions and learnt how to incorporate the resources into therapy"

"Different resources for different age groups"

"How to incorporate a variety of media into therapy especially apps"

"Tips for improving social skills especially for young people with ASD."

"There are lots of resources to choose from!"

"Games and apps can be effective for opening up communication"

" I gained a better understanding of ASD students and game me more ideas on how to support them."

"I'd be happy for the training to go on for longer - two days to delve deeper into these areas of support."

"The important of teaching emotional regulation to children with autism."

"How to incorporate games to teach and reinforce social concepts."

"Really liked the accessibilty of the resources and relevant apps in counselling."

"Strategies for explicit teaching of social skills"

"Understanding therapy elements for mood disorders"

"Games are very important"

"How to be flexible with the games"

"Feelings may be dealt with better through the use of games and pictures"

"Good to revisit ASD and social skill teaching."

"I liked how the visual resources can be good to help with defusing for externalising behaviours."

"How to use apps to assist the therapy process."

"How to use hands on resources with teens."

"Great resources we can use and rapport building steps."

"Reinforced the need to teach emotions and not just make assumptions that kids know and understand."