Game to help a young teen make good choices about managing a physical condition.

Two products were suitable for helping with decision making.  The Chronic Illness Game does cover compliance with medical advice as well as many other topics relevant to young people coping with health issues.  The other problem solving game suitable for teens isPuzzled which is a problem solving game that 

Book suggestion for a parent to help explain to their child why their father is absent from their life.

The situation of this child was unique so after much searching I came back to a book I use when I am looking to help a child with an individual issue.  Homemade Books to Help Kids Cope is a great resource, that you will refer to over and over again.

Thanks to all of you for asking me questions that made me have a good look at the resources and think about their application to these unique situations.  I love a challenge so please call or email me with your questions.