Jack’s Plan to Stay Cool and In Control in Class and in the Playground



Notice changes in my body that indicate anger

Hands go into fists

Breathe more quickly

Heart Racing

Tears in my eyes


Know my Anger Triggers

When I get my work wrong

When others won’t play with me

When people call me names

When I’m told off in front of my friends

When people don’t listen to me


Calm Thoughts

I’ll find a way to solve this without fighting

Stay calm and ask her to give it back

This is not a big thing.  Just stay calm

He needs to learn self-control

Relax, I’ll find a way to let people know the truth

I’m not going to get mad.  I’ll just ask if I can join the game

Maybe if I’m nice to her she’ll tell me where it is.

I don’t need to insult her just because she hurt my feelings

I don’t want to fight and it feels good to control myself

Hurting him won’t help. I’ll just stay away from him.

As long as I stay calm I’m in control

I will stay calm and tell an adult


High Risk Situations for Anger

When the teacher puts pressure on me to do work, I get angry

Mum tells me I can’t have something



Behavioural Techniques – What are your strategies?

Walking away from the incident

Use the turtle technique and protect yourself in your shell

Have a special place to go – soccer goals

Kick a soccer ball

Drink water

Talk to friends

CD player in class


Who Can Help After I Get angry

Mum and Dad


Class Teacher


Remember you don’t have to be perfect, if you do get angry and don’t control your reaction it is a good opportunity to remember your strategies and come up with a plan for next time.