Emotionary - This app is a dictionary of feeling words to help expand emotional vocabulary. Apple devices only

Let's Be Social - designed to help professionals and parents teach social skills to those that struggle with social communication. Skills covered include greeting friends, personal space, waiting in line, going to the movies plus many more everyday situations.  One of the features of this app is that is can be customised and used for a variety of ages

Mindshift - aimed at helping adolescents and young adults to manage anxiety. Included in this app is a check in section where young people can assess if their anxiety is a problem, develop helpful thoughts, learn coping strategies with 'chill out tools' and be walked through a step by step exposure exercise called 'Active Steps'.


kid CBT*ABC way - $8.99, Apple only - The purpose of this app is to teach children, who are in therapy how to handle situations when they’re alone.

CBT Game - Free, Apple only -  A quick and fun game to surprise children or adolescents with – those who know what CBT is will be pleasantly surprised when asked to use this app.  All you do is move a little white square with your finger to avoid hitting the black squares.

Change My Voice - Free, Apple and Android - Use this app to help you turn role plays for children and adolescents into an activity with lots of laughs


Breathe2Relax - Apple (iPhone & iPad) and Android - Breathe2Relax is a relatively simple app that just teaches diaphragmatic breathing.  

iCounselor: Anger


The Allen Adventure - Free - Apple (iPad only) & Android - Aimed at the under 8's this app explores social and emotional skills that children need to make friends and deal with difficult social situations

Take a Stand - Free - Apple and Android - Developed by the Queensland Government this app is based on the Take a Stand website and provides a brief summary of the information on types of bullying.



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