Paper Toss - another free app just for fun in therapy, can be used to reward children for completing therapy activities

Mr Mood - teen recommended app to monitor your moods daily, apple only

MoodKit - CBT based app for depression and anxiety, very comprehensive, apple only but Androis app being developed

Smiling Mind - mindfulness based meditation app, available for Android and Apple


3D Brain - app which provides information on brain structures and functions - great for reviewing with adolescents

CBT4Kids - audio on breathing exercises and a progressive muscle relaxation audio + you can purchase physiological symptoms info and cognitive restrucring modules.Available for ipad only

CBT Tools for Kids - breathing, muscle relaxation and awareness meditation, list of behavioural strategies, thinking skills and the ability to set up a list of favourite tools to help with anxiety, anger or stress. Apple only


Self-help for anxiety management (SAM) - designed for teens to help manage anxiety - lots of useful tools included. Available for Android and Apple

Me Moves - apple only - aimed at children who need help calming down

Piano Tiles - just for fun - dont tap the white tile - great little break from therapy! Apple and Android

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