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About Therapy Tools

Therapy Tools was born from a desire to provide therapists, psychologists and counsellors with access to the very best therapy resources from Australia and across the globe. We are committed to providing games, books and accessories to help professionals with therapy.

Therapy Tools was established by Angelique Foran, a psychologist with over a decade of experience working across a variety of settings in both government and private positions. Angelique has developed a special interest in working with children and adolescents and their families.

In 2009, Angelique fortuitously found therapeutic board games on the Internet. Her search revealed a vast array of outstanding games, books and other resources – and she wondered why they were not easily or readily available to practitioners such as herself. Inspired by what she had found, Angelique took it upon herself to become a distributor and introduce others to the huge range of ‘therapy tools’ on the market. She also put together a qualified ‘test team’ to validate her product range.

Whether you have an anxious child, depressed adolescent, a disorder you have never worked with before or a parent who needs support for their child, we are sure you will find something to help you on our site.

"The use of play and games in therapy has long been recognised as a means of engaging children and helping them communicate about difficult and painful subjects in a non-threatening manner. Therapeutic games also provide structure and rules that can help children to become more socialised and teach specific skills in a non-directive manner."
(Source: Schaefer, C.E. & Reid, S.E. (2001). Game Play: Therapeutic Use of Childhood Games, New York, Wiley.)

The team at Therapy Tools includes psychologists and school counsellors that have worked across a variety of settings with children, adolescents and their families. Our psychologists have worked in private practice, government agencies, university teaching clinics and in schools.

The Therapy Tools team tests every product so you can have confidence in the tools we offer. All of the products recommended on this website have been thoroughly tested with children and adolescents in therapy.

We invite you to visit our website often, as we are also constantly adding new research of interest to practitioners who work with children, adolescents and their families.

Would you like to share information about upcoming professional development opportunities with fellow practitioners? Please send us an email via our Contact Us page

If you need help finding the right resource or would like to make a comment about our products, please phone us on 08 8371 4338 or visit our Contact Us page

Happy shopping and consulting.

Angelique Foran
Clinical Psychologist/Director
Therapy Tools

Great psychological resources for professionals

ABN 17 109 049 936


Information included in this website is meant as a guide only. It is important that you make your own decisions about the right type of therapy for each individual client.